Logitech’s Craft keyboard for photographers and videographers makes editing easier and more fun

Logitech has announced the new Craft keyboard that includes a dial which seamlessly integrates with Adobe’s Photoshop and Premier programs to add some fantastic usability improvements to photographer, videographer and even music production workflows. With creative folks in mind, this dial can be used to accurately scan through film frames or quickly zoom in/out of photographs for detailed editing work, setting key frames and transitions and more. The bundled Logitech Options software allows you to build custom profiles that allow you to cater to your specific workflow. We’ve long been fans of targeting creative folks with tools that supercharge their workflow, since the benefits typically cascade down to more traditional users as well.


Keep the goodness coming Logitech! We can’t wait to test this puppy out!



The Logitech Craft keyboard is expected to go on sale in October for around $200. Hopefully when this thing hits shelves its price is more reasonable and sales bring its feature benefits back down to reality.

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